Hey...Lets get crafty!

Arts & Crafts is so important for your toddler. It is ideal for developing their fine motor skills as they are using their hands and fingers.  It encourages them to use their imagination as well as developing their vocabulary as they learn colours and shapes. You can start getting creative from when they are babies and its a wonderful bonding time that you will both love and appreciate as they grow. 

There is no better way of letting your toddler express themselves by producing a sheet of paper and a box of crayons. This freedom will encourage them to be more creative and productive whilst working on their  concentration and observation skills. Then of course there is the confidence they gain by all the praise they receive on their masterpieces! 

There are so many types of medium that you can introduce to your toddler. Chunky crayons are ideal for small hands to grasp and perhaps invest in a few colouring books or a roll of wallpaper lining that could be spread out and taped to the floor. Finger painting is a lovely sensory activity and works well on developing their fine motor skills. As your toddler gets older you can become more creative with your activities. Painting with feathers, potato stamping, paper plate and toilet roll crafts will just get them so excited and eager to create!

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Pirate adventures 

Shiver me timbers what have we got here?

Click on the pirate map to access your 15 fab pirate activity pages which you can download and print at home  

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Love is in the Air.

We have a cute worksheet that will work on your toddlers hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. Click on the heart to print

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Nursery Rhymes 

Celebrate World Nursery Rhyme week.

We love to sing nursery rhymes at Toddler Sense and we have some lovely sheets to colour at home. Just click on the star.